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Don't Travel This Road Alone!

Most workers in the United States pay into the Social Security program. Each check you receive, you are likely paying into the federally administered program that helps people retire. However, nearly fourteen million Americans are so severely afflicted with mental or physical (and often both) impairments that prevent them from working. In fact this disabilty program is one of the largest programs in the world, and it has stabilized our economy. As a lawyer who has practiced almost exclusively in this are in the last two decades, I have personally seen the need for these programs. However, workers should know that they need to plan for the possibility of becoming disabled. Unfortunately the wait time is often times two years or longer just to get a fair decision. I will be making a few summer blog posts about what Texans need to do to help increase their chances of navigating this very difficult and frustrating process. My biggest piece of advice is to not try to go down this road alone. Choose to travel with someone that you trust and can help you know where you are in the process.

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