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Auto Accidents


If you have been injured in an auto accident, chances are, you are suffering from a wide range of financial, physical and emotional stresses.  Physical pain and suffering, bodily injuries, lost wages, disability, property damage, and mental anguish are only a few of the problems that can arise from an auto accident.

What will you do or say if the insurance adjuster calls?  What if they offer you a quick settlement?  Should you cash a check if one comes in the mail?  Who will help you arrange for a rental car?  What about PIP (Personal Injury Protection)?  How will you pay your medical bills or find a good doctor?  The answers to all of these questions are within reach.

At Packard LaPray, we can help.

We know how insurance carriers and the lawyers

on the other side think. Insurance companies are

interested in making sure that they pay out the least

amount of money possible, and they hire lawyers

whose only concern is to make sure that you get as little as possible. We know their tricks, and we will do our best to protect the rights, health, and safety of you and your family in each and every part of the lawsuit we bring on your behalf.


If you have questions and need to talk to a Beaumont Auto Accident Lawyer, Please Contact Us if you have any questions about an injury you have suffered or to report a personal injury case you have.

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Beaumont Auto Accident Lawyers

"An experienced auto accident lawyer knows that the most important thing is to move quickly.  Staying a step ahead of the other side can make all the difference." Jonathan W. Healy

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