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Social Security Disability

Don't Let an Injury Stop You From Living

"Don't forfeit your rights just because your disability application was denied. If you feel you or a loved one truly qualifies, we're here to help take you through this process."              -Jonathan W. Healy

Social Security Disability

If your Social Security Disability claim has been denied, call one of our Social Security Disability Lawyers at Packard LaPray today. Our Social Security practice has been representing thousands of claimants throughout Texas and Louisiana. If you live in Southeast Texas area or Southwest Louisiana, our Social Security Attorneys can fight for the benefits you deserve. 


Statistics show that hiring an experienced local social security disability lawyer is one of the best decisions you can make in a Social Security claim.  The Social Security program entitles you to income replacement benefits if you suffer from a significant illness or impairment and are unable to earn a living.  If you are in such a position, and believe that you are truly disabled, call us at 409-832-2300 or 337-431-7170 so we can help you right away.

What is "Disability"?

When people talk about Social Security disability, they are typically referring to Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), which is an income replacement program for those people who have worked and contributed into the Social Security program, and are now unable to earn a living because of a severe physical or mental impairment.  The amount of money that is awarded to the disabled claimant is based on the amount of money that the claimant earned and contributed in the past. Your attorney who handles Social Security claims knows your rights.

Another type of disability program is called Supplemental Security Income (SSI).  This program is primarily a welfare based program that pays monthly benefits to people who otherwise are not able to earn a living because of a severe physical or mental impairment.  Regardless of whether the claimant has worked in the past, eligibility is based purely on financial need and physical disability.  There are many rules which govern whether the Social Security Administration will consider a person to be disabled and financially in need. The right Social Security Lawyer can help your make the right claim. 

What's the Difference Between SSDI & SSI?

Social Security Disability Insurance (or SSDI) is a federally managed program that is designed to provide income replacement benefits in the event a worker becomes disabled and can no longer earn a living. Many people have troubles understanding the difference, but your Social Security Lawyer knows the nuances of the laws.


SSDI is available to those workers who have paid into the system throughout their working lives.  They have contributed to federal payroll withholdings or (in the event they are self-employed) they have paid into the Social Security fund directly.  The amount of benefits that the claimant receives will be based on the amount that was paid into the system over the years, which can be discussed once your hire one of our Social Security Disability Lawyers.


When a person is disabled and and has little or no income whatsoever, then that person may be entitled to SSI to help provide for basic life needs (food, shelter and clothing). SSI is (in effect) a welfare benefits program designed to prevent those who are disabled and less fortunate from being without those basic needs.


In many states, those who receive SSI benefits can also receive Medicaid to help with medical expenses and other healthcare costs.

Don't wait until it's too late.  You have a limited amount of time to appeal your denial and the clock is running.  Call us today free of charge at 409-832-2300 or 337-431-7170. Or, if you prefer, send us an email using our convenient email form on the contact us page.  You will be glad you hire one of our Social Security Lawyers.

Don't Delay. Call our Social Security Lawyers Today!


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