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Some Things To Remember About Disability


Just because your doctor declares you disabled, does not mean that the Social Security Administration will agree.  Even though your doctor probably knows your physical condition better than any other person or medical professional, ultimately the decision regarding your disability will be made by non-medical persons, which is why you need a Social Security Lawyer in your area.


File for disability as soon as you are unable to work.  In many instances, your disability payments will be calculated as of the date you filed for disability.  Another good reason to contact a Social Security Attorney and file promptly is to not risk losing any work credits for calculating your disability amount.

Who Is Eligible For Social Security Disability?

Many people ask the question, "How do I qualify for Social Security Disability?"  Unfortunately, there is no short answer to that question, but a Social Security Lawyer understands this.  Whether or not a person qualifies as disabled depends on the answers to 5 questions:


1) Are you still working? If you are currently working and earning more than a certain amount of money (about $1,000 per month) then chances are, you will not be considered to be disabled.  However, if you're aren't able to work at all, or if you earn less than $1,000 per month, then there's a chance that you could be considered disabled.


2) Do you have a physical impairment that is considered severe? Are you able to do ordinary activities like walk, lift, move, sit, stand, and other similar activities? If the answer to that question is no, and if your limitations are likely going to last for more than a year or result in death, then you may be considered disabled.


3) Is your condition included in the listings? The Social Security Administration maintains a List of Impairments, that catalogues and describes certain medical conditions that are generally considered to be so severe that those who suffer from the listed impairments are automatically deemed to be disabled. If your condition is not on the list, then your attorney must show that your impairment is so severe that it meets or exceeds the limitations of one or more of the conditions included on the list.


4) Are you able to do the same kind of work that you've typically done in the past? In order to determine whether a claimant is truly disabled, Social Security has to decide if the claimant can return to the same type of work that he or she has done in the past.  If so, then the claimant is not considered disabled.


5) Can you perform other types of jobs in order to earn a living? If a claimant is unable to perform the same type of work as he or she has performed in the past, then Social Security will try to determine whether or not other types of work are available that will fit within the claimants limitations and abilities.

Contact A Social Security Disability Lawyer Even Just To Ask Questions

Even if you're just thinking about filing for Social Security disability, it's a good idea to talk with a lawyer about your options and chances.  If you've already filed for disability and have been denied benefits, it's definitely a good idea to contact a lawyer to represent you in your appeal. You can contact us by:


Call us at 409-832-2300 or 337-431-7170.

Don't Delay. Call our Social Security Attorneys Today!

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