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Disability Wait Lists

I recently read a Washington Post article on the delay that so many disability applicants around the country face. I just wanted to share a few quotes from the article:

“More than 1 million Americans await a hearing to see whether they qualify for disability benefits from Social Security, with the average wait nearly two years -- longer than some of them will live.”

“All have been denied benefits at least once, as most applications are initially rejected.”

“Recipients won't get rich as the average benefit is $1,037 a month -- too small to lift a family of two out of poverty.”

“For some, the benefits come too late. Chris Hoffman worked as a mason, laying bricks and tile and pouring concrete. He had terrible back pain for much of his life, but he kept working until a series of heart attacks. He applied for Social Security disability benefits in 2014 but was denied. He appealed to an administrative law judge. Hoffman died at 58, following his fourth heart attack. Ten months later, the judge ruled that he was entitled to benefits.”

“Last year there were 7,400 people on waitlists who were dead, according to a report by Social Security's inspector general.”

As a lawyer who has practiced in this area of the law for fifteen years, I would urge you to call your congressperson and ask them to dedicate more resources to helping the sick and disabled of our great country.

Peter LaPray

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