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Keeping the Government Informed of Your Needs.

Contact your Congressperson to make sure you let them know that we need to protect the disabled and elderly in your congressional district.

In 2012 the Honorable Randall Frye, the president of the Association of Administrative Law Judges, testified before Congress: “In context of disability adjudication, the government is the trustee billions of taxpayer dollars.” This is a statement that all Texans and residents of Louisiana should reflect upon and consider taking action. Social-Security law Has far reaching and direct impact on the large percentage of the American populace. This is why we should shine a spotlight on Social Security disability. This area of the law is ripe with opportunities for lawyers to help people filing for disability benefits. This is equal of the opportunity to help people who need to apply for SSI (known formally as Supplemental Security Income.) many people were outraged almost ten years ago when a report exposed that a judge was approving almost 100% of the claims before his court. There is no excuse for his behavior and all disciplinary measures are justified; however, we should be equally outrage by some of he kiddies in our area who have an unreasonably low approval percentage. I encourage all who may read this blog, to contact a local lawyer who practices regularly in front of the local judges in your area and they can tell you which judges are unreasonable. Some judges are confused and think that they are protectors of the Fund and that it is their mission is to make sure that a few people as possible are placed on Social Security Disabilty (and SSI as well). This is not their responsibility! The judges are the trustee of this sacred money, and need to administer the Benifits to those who need it. If there is a judge that denies at such a high rate then those judges need to be reprimanded and they need to rapporteur more claims in front of them. Their are places to check the approval rates of judges in your state. I challenge you to become informed, make positive changes to help protect those who need these programs because who know when it may be you or a loved one who becomes disabled.

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