January 2, 2018

No matter who is in control of Washington DC, we seem to always have the same question looming about Social Security.  Will Social Security Retirement and/or Disability even exist when you retire or if you become medically unable to work?

There was a recent Social Security Trustees Report that says the “Funds” will run out by 2034.

Stories that scare people are all over the internet, and seem to be most rampant on social media.  As a lawyer who has practiced in the area of Social Security Disability for over 15 years, I believe these reports are mostly are overblown. Social Security will not collapse. “Funds” don’t even pay most Social Security benefits....

August 25, 2017

Several of my clients have been asking about the Consultative Examination that Social Security often sends them to.  The question is when Social Security sends you to an independent exam, what is the purpose of this? Why do they do it? And most importantly how do the results of a C.E. have an impact on your claim?

If you apply for social for benefits, there is a good chance you will be scheduled to go to a medical exam. Typically, this happens when an individual who applies for disability has not been seen by a doctor in recent weeks or months.

What is the purpose? While disability examiners need older medical records to determine when a person becam...

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